Iowa balance of state coordinated services network

The Iowa Balance of State Coordinated Services Network utilizes a computerized record keeping system that captures information about people experiencing homelessness that is administered by the Institute for Community Alliances.  In addition to creating an unduplicated count of the homeless population and developing aggregate information that will assist in developing policies to end homelessness, the system allows programs if they agree, to share information electronically about clients, including their service needs, who have been entered into the software, in order to better coordinate services.

Client level information can only be shared between agencies that have established an Inter-agency Data Sharing Agreement and have received written consent from particular clients agreeing to share their personal information with another agency.

The agency receiving the written consent has the ability to “share” that client’s information electronically through the system with a collaborating agency.

This process can benefit clients by eliminating duplicate intakes. Intake and exit interviews can be shared, with written consent, between collaborating agencies.