Ehren Stover-Wright is the Research Director in Iowa. Ehren’s social network placed him in a position to identify ICA as the place where he can do the most good. Ehren approaches research and data with a sociologist's mind, believing that by studying a population carefully, we’re able to understand what is different about that population; that distinction causing the social problem to exist. Somewhere in the data is a way to change lives.

Ehren is dedicated to living a holistic life where everything he does is pointed towards finding insights to the better functioning of our social universe, whether that be teaching at the university, reading a book, or writing reports for services providers. He is informed daily by his father who worked closely with communities across Iowa. Ehren joined the ICA team shortly after completing his PhD and after his father’s death, whose insights inform him to this day. Ehren feels fortunate that he left behind books which speak to the topic of how a sociologist in the community should do their work and live their life. Every day when Ehren goes to work, he is reminded that he's carrying on his father's work. 

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Phone: 515-246-6643