Jesse Dirkman conducts data analysis and generates reports to help agencies maintain data quality and use data to inform decision-making. To have access to such rich statewide data at her fingertips (that her coworkers strive to keep as clean and complete as possible) is pretty much her dream as a data analyst. Jesse loves helping communities understand how their data can help to inform the decisions that they make and how services are delivered, and enjoys working for an organization where the primary goal is to generate social good and do a job well, not to make money for shareholders.

Bike maintenance, taking massive open online courses (MOOCs), gardening, and reading are a few of Jesse’s many interests. What gets her up in the morning is having a problem to solve or a process to make more efficient/effective. It’s easier for her to get up thinking that the world needs her, and that she can find a way to make it just a little bit better today. 

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Phone: 608-284-1116