Julie Eberbach serves ICA as Associate Director and Iowa Director.  Julie oversees the Iowa HMIS project staff, and manages ICA’s Federal and State grants.  Julie monitors Federal and State program and policy around housing and homelessness to assure appropriate HMIS compliance, and advocates for expanded use of HMIS data. ICA is a perfect fit for Julie. While she doesn’t have the ability to do direct service, working at ICA allows her to do her part to end homelessness and be a part of something meaningful. She particularly loves being a part of formulating policy that is driven by data collected by ICA’s partners.

Julie enjoys biking, kayaking, sailing, hiking, gardening, and napping! Her dog Pax comes and wakes her up and gets her out of the door every day for a morning walk. After the walk, Julie is energized and ready for anything. 

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Phone: 515-246-6643