Maggie Carden provides technical and analytical support to agencies in Madison and Southwest Wisconsin. Working in a social policy related field was an easy decision for Maggie. At ICA, she enjoys making big improvements to the homeless service delivery system and working one-on-one with an HMIS user to provide training or help figure out a data entry error. Maggie believes there are many people around the country working hard to improve homeless service delivery, including her own colleagues at ICA. Following their work and learning from what they’re doing motivates and inspires her to make similar improvements in Wisconsin.

Outside of work, you’ll find Maggie playing with her 3-year old son and baby daughter and watching them grow and learn new things, spending time with friends and family, crocheting, riding a bike, or lifting heavy weights. On most mornings, she eats cereal for breakfast with her son and his stuffed friends bunny and puppy.

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Phone: 608-807-1381