Michael Tonarely leads ICA’s HMIS services in Southwest Missouri, providing user training along with technical and analytical support to agencies in the Springfield Continuum of Care, the Joplin Continuum of Care and regions 8 & 9 of the Balance of State Continuum of Care. Prior to joining ICA, Michael worked for nearly 9 years providing direct homeless services. He felt it was time to explore other options and learn more about the “back end” of homeless services. A favorite part of his job is being involved in a community that strives to end social injustice and inequality. He really enjoys helping others in any way possible.

Outside of work, Michael lives soccer. His favorite things are watching his boys play soccer, supporting Liverpool Football Club, and playing for his adult men’s recreational team, Stinky Deerback. His family inspires him to work harder, try new things, and love others. He hopes his efforts will influence his children to be better people and treat others with dignity.

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Phone: 573-298-6066 ext. 5226