The Homeless Missourians Information System (HMIS) Steering Committee has developed a set of operating forms for your agency’s use with the HMIS database. The forms are required to be used by all participating agencies, and are described below (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required… click here to get the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader).

To see and print each form, click on the title of the form. These forms can also be obtained from the ICA Missouri HMIS Project by emailing Krystal Searcy, Senior System Administrator (BoS CoC Regions 4, 5, & 10), Terra Eavenson, System Administrator (Bos CoC Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, & 7), Michael Tonarely, System Administrator (Jasper/Newton CoC; Springfield CoC; BoS CoC Regions 8 & 9), Isaac Fox-Poulsen, System Administrator (St. Louis City CoC), or by calling 573-298-6066 (ext. 5222 for Krystal, ext. 5223 for Terra, and ext. 5226 for Michael) or 314-655-4780.

These forms are updated periodically. If you are a participating partner agency, your agency will be notified by email when an updated version of any form is available.