What is a Point In Time count?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires that each Continuum of Care (CoC) perform an annual count of homeless persons who are sheltered in emergency shelter, transitional housing, and safe haven programs on a single night. CoCs must also conduct a count of unsheltered homeless persons. 

ICA’s Missouri HMIS Project coordinates the sheltered portion of the count for the Missouri Balance of State CoC; St. Louis City CoC; St. Louis County CoC; Springfield/Christian, Greene, Webster Counties CoC; and the Jasper/Newton CoC.  The unsheltered PIT count is led by each respective CoC, with assistance from ICA to ensure accurate data is collected.  

Why a Point-in-Time Count?

Point-in-Time Counts are important to understanding the extent and nature of homelessness in each continua. The number of individuals experiencing homelessness and their characteristics provide insight into the needs of clients as well as looking at trends in homelessness. This kind of information is useful for influencing policy and planning efforts at the local, state, and national levels. In addition, conducting a PIT Count brings public awareness and attention to homelessness. This counts both sheltered and unsheltered homeless folks. For the unsheltered count, volunteers will enter data via an online portal. The 2019 Point in Time Count will occur the night of January 30.

Programs Included in the Sheltered Point-in-Time Count

Programs included in the sheltered PIT Count are Emergency Shelters (including those that provide hotel/motel vouchers and extreme weather shelters), Safe Havens, and Transitional Housing Projects that are dedicated to serving homeless persons. A dedicated project means the project has the primary intent of serving homeless persons, the project verifies homelessness as part of its eligibility determination, and the project's actual clients are primarily homeless.

What is the Housing Inventory Count?

In addition to the PIT Count, HUD requires that each CoC complete a Housing Inventory Count, which provides a snapshot of all of the beds and units available to house the homeless, or individuals who were homeless at program entry, on the night of the PIT count. The HIC includes a count of all of the persons who were occupying those beds and units on the night of the PIT count.

ICA Completes the HIC in the Missouri Balance of State CoC, St. Louis City CoC, St. Louis County CoC, Springfield/Christian, Greene, Webster Counties CoC and the Jasper/Newton CoC.  

Programs included in the housing inventory count

Programs included in the sheltered PIT Count are programs that are dedicated to serving homeless persons, or in the case of permanent housing projects, to persons who were homeless at program entry. All projects that participate in the PIT Count must also be included on the HIC. Additionally, the HIC includes permanent housing projects classified as Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), Rapid Re-Housing (RRH), or Other Permanent Housing (OPH).

PIT & HIC Training

Information about 2020’s PIT Count and HIC will come out in the fall of 2019.

Sheltered PIT and Housing inventory chart documents

ICA has created a number of guides and workflows to assist this process. First, please take a look at the 2019 PIT HIC Resource Guide. This document will show you which of the next resources apply to your project. Links to the training webinars will be posted after they have occurred.

 Next, we have the Bed Guide, which shows how best to accurate count the beds in your projects.

If your project is in HMIS, then we have written guides created for you. For ES, SH, and TH projects, please use the ICA MO Sheltered PIT Report Guide. For permanent housing projects (like PSH, RRH, and OPH), use the ICA MO Permanent Housing Project HIC Report Guide.

If your project isn't in HMIS, then we have created an optional survey to help you prepare for submitting your PIT and HIC data.

Programs that cannot complete the online PIT portal will need to contact the ICA Missouri Helpdesk to organize alternative methods to submit the required data.

Once survey tools are received, data will be validated and HMIS team members will confirm completion or address any outstanding issues.


Determining your GeoCode

Point-in-Time Count Data & Reports

PIT and HIC statistical reports are available on our Data and Reports page. Please submit additional requests of PIT or HIC data to the ICA Missouri Helpdesk (mohmis@icalliances.org).