The Homeless Missourians Information System Steering Committee was chosen to represent, whenever possible, a broad variety of agencies in the state currently engaged in working with homelessness issues and homelessness data system projects. The Committee makes recommendations on matters of policy and infrastructure for the HMIS, and serves as a temporary governing body until such time as the HMIS evolves its own governing body of partner agencies and clients. Inquiries about the Steering Committee (meeting dates, participation), may be addressed via e-mail to Sandy Wilson or by calling 573-298-6068.

HMIS Steering Committee Bylaws
Steering Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities
Policy and Procedures Workgroup Member Roles and Responsibilities
Bed Coverage Workgroup Member Roles and Responsibilities
Training and Development Workgroup Roles and Responsibilities

For more information on the HMIS Steering Committee Workgroups please contact Sandy Wilson.

HMIS Steering committee meeting minutes