Nancy Esteves leads ICA’s HMIS services in Milwaukee, providing technical and analytical support to agencies in the Milwaukee Continuum of Care. Nancy loves being able to make everyone’s jobs easier and likes that she can assist agencies with reports and make them not hate ServicePoint, but rather embrace it. Nancy has worked in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds and appreciates the differences. Working for a non-profit like ICA gives Nancy a sense of belonging and a more personal touch where she really feels like she’s making a difference in helping others succeed.

Nancy has a myriad of interests that includes the “sport” of shopping, traveling, attending concerts, working out, and enjoying family time, especially with her niece and nephew. In the summers, she enjoys hopping on the Harley and community gardening. Her 5am alarm forces her to go to Hot Yoga so she can get an early start on her day.

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Phone: 414-477-4007