Sandy Wilson leads ICA’s Missouri operations, oversees special projects and initiatives, and advocates for the expanded use of HMIS to inform data-driven decision-making.  She loves being in the position to help communities address ending homelessness by using their program’s performance data to guide policy and processes. Sandy especially likes being a part of these communities. Covering such a large geographic area often poses challenges to this, but like others in the organization, she finds ways to integrate into each CoC, and not just be a resource to the community. This shared philosophy is why Sandy decided to join the ICA family, with the added bonus of ICA leadership firmly believing in supporting staff by providing a work environment that fosters personal well-being and growth.

Outside of work, Sandy strives to find relaxation through playing with her two grandchildren, enjoying time outside, and feeding her reality show addiction (thank God for DVRs). What gets Sandy up in the mornings are her pets wanting their breakfast and a fitness trainer who will yell at her for missing a session!

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Phone: 573-298-6068