Springfield Community Information System

The Springfield Community Information System (CIS) is a 3-year pilot project implemented with the core objectives to decrease the Springfield poverty rate by 5% by the year 2025, address social determinants of health, and increase communication between case managers and multiple service providers. ServicePoint acts as the foundation that supports project participants in creating a network that will encourage a behavioral approach to reducing poverty by addressing non-monetary costs associated with poverty.

How do we plan to accomplish this with ServicePoint?

  1. By creating a universal intake that consists of information commonly collected for program eligibility, that can be shared across participating agencies with the client’s permission, we reduce the number of times a case manager needs to collect the information from the client. The universal intake not only saves valuable time for the case manager but also reduces the stresses of completing the same paperwork for different agencies, searching for documentation that needs to accompany said paperwork, and helps preserve a client’s valuable resources (i.e. time, money) that are exerted when completing the rigorous processes required to receive assistance.

  2. By empowering case managers to make electronic referrals and removing the burden of the client needing to navigate referral paths on their own. ServicePoint will allow case managers to communicate referral outcomes and follow-up on referrals with no outcomes, essentially identifying any barriers that may have prevented the client from receiving a service for which they were referred.

Getting started with the CIS:

If your agency is joining the CIS, please review and complete the CIS Information Gathering Document, which will provide ICA with the necessary situation to set you up in the CIS. We have an example gathering document to assist you in filling this out.

Our Partners:

Council of Churches of the Ozarks

Early Childhood One Stop

Lutheran family and children's services of Missouri

Pregnancy, Parenting, and Adoption Services

Community Partnership of the Ozarks

Capable Kids and Families
Caring Communities
Making Sense of Money

 Isabel’s House

Crisis Nursery of the Ozarks 





Reports will be uploaded here when they are available.