St. Louis Coordinated Entry

In 2015, HUD published its Coordinated Entry brief, laying out its vision of providers across each community working together in order to house clients from a single, prioritized list, focusing on serving those with the highest need first. Communities have been working on creating systems from this idea, individualized to each community's unique needs and flavors. The Continuums of Care for St. Louis City and St. Louis County decided to join together to create a single Coordinated Entry system and prioritized list, in recognition of client mobility between the two locales and in the increased opportunity to serve clients created by this cooperation. 

The January 2018 edition of the Coordinated Entry manual is the most recent version of the CE manual passed by both the County and the City CoCs, which describes both the practices and policy behind the St. Louis Coordinated Entry process. 

All clients who are assessed by front doors must complete Coordinated Entry Participation Agreement prior to being placed onto the prioritization list. Before printing, agencies must change [This agency] to their agency name. Once it is updated in one location, it will be applicable across the CoCs. There is also a Participant Rights Packet that goes over the rights and requirements of participants in the Coordinated Entry process.

The St. Louis Front Door - CE Assessment is a paper copy of how each client is assessed and placed on the prioritization list. If a provider does not have access to HMIS while assessing a client, please use this version.

This Agreement for Voluntary Front Doors is utilized by agencies that wish to provide front door services voluntarily. The agency must complete the document, and then must bring it to both CoC executive boards for approval before offering front door assessment services. It is available in a Word Document format so that agencies may change the agency name, address, and explain the services they wish to provide.

All Rapid ReHousing (RRH) must use this Rent Calculation Worksheet in order to standardize assistance throughout the CoC.

ICA has created some interactive trainings to assist housing navigators in placing clients on the Prioritization List and housing providers in both responding to referrals and removing clients from the Prioritization List after being housed. These are password protected, so please contact the Help Desk for the password if you are interested in using them.

For more information about Coordinated Entry, its goals, and its effectiveness in quickly moving people into housing, please visit HUD's website.

Housing Referral Release

During assessment for placement onto the prioritization list, clients have the right to choose whether to participate in the coordinated entry system, and whether or not their name may be used during the weekly housing matching meeting. The Coordinated Entry System Housing Referral Release and Consent to Disclose Information is utilized to gather the client’s consent to participate. It will note that clients have the right to review the list of agencies who participate in coordinated entry, and you can download that list here. Please remember that the list may change, and an updated list will be maintained on this webpage. Providers utilizing ServicePoint also need to document the client’s answer within ServicePoint so that the client’s desired level of disclosure is followed during the weekly housing matching meeting.