UVM SSVF data entry workflow updates

Original training date: April 5, 2017

Length: 43 minutes

This training is specific to the University of Vermont's Supportive Services for Veteran Families program staff and sub contractors. The webinar will cover the changes to the data entry workflow with the addition of 'enter data as' groups, and the optional disabilities assessment.

201: Refresher Course – Adding a New Baby and THE HUD Sub-assessment Verification

Original training date: March 15, 2017

Length: 48 minutes

This training is for users wanting a refresher on how to add someone to the household that did not enter the program the same date as the other household members.  It also covers the how to complete the HUD verification for the sub-assessments.


110: security training (annual requirement)

*2016 Edition* 
Counts as: Annual Security Training

This training provides an overview of how security is maintained in ServicePoint.  It covers visibility with users, assessments, and other related fields.  It also includes the requirements of the user and agency to maintain the integrity and security of the HMIS.

501: New Data Standards - Required for all Users

Original training date: October 4, 2015

HUD released the newest version of the 2014 Data Standards Manual which present substantial changes to data entry in HMIS. Please join us for an overview of the changes and presentation of the new workflow requirements. New Standards Effective 10/1/2016. 

What’s included in 5.12.25: 
● Changed picklist values
● New assessment questions for SSVF
● “Retirement” of no longer used assessment questions
● 2016 versions of all Entry Assessments and several Update and Exit Assessments

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Original training date: June 7, 2016
Length: 58 minutes
Counts as: N/A

Find out more about the HUD System Performance Measures, reports available in HMIS, and what to expect from HUD in the next few months. This session is geared toward CoC Leads and CoC membership.

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301: ART Basic training

Original training date: December 2, 2015

This training provides the basics of "How to" run ART Reports . Topics Covered: Review of Available Reports for Data Clean-Up and Program Grants, Question/Answer Session.

303: Sub-assessment cleanup Report (ART)

Original training date: May 19, 2015

This training is a review of the Sub-Assessment Clean Up Report.  Topics covered include how to find incongruent data, duplicate entries, and missed verifications.

404: path-funded projects

Original training date: November 24, 2015

This training is for PATH funded programs and agencies. It focuses on the new workflow needed to successfully enter clients into HMIS in order to export data for the PATH repository.

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