Annual Performance Reports (APR)


Recorded Trainings

322: Annual Performance Report (APR) in ART

Original training date: March 3, 2015
Counts as: 1 ART Training

This training is for all of the providers required to use or turn in an APR.  Examples include: COC-funded programs like TH, PSH, Safe Haven, Shelter Plus Care, and SSO as well as TBRA funded programs.  This training goes over how to generate an accurate report as well as common mistakes.

How-To Guides

APR Training Guide



Don't wait until the last minute to run your APR.  Instead, get into the habit of running a quarterly or monthly APR.  This will keep you from having to clean up a year's worth of data all at once, and you'll likely be more familiar with the participants whose data you are entering.

Data Quality and Completeness

Recorded Trainings

302: Data Clean Up Reports (ART)

Original training date: June 16, 2015
Counts as: 1 ART Training

This training provides an overview of reports available to clean up data in WISP.  Reports covered: Data Completeness by User (Services and Entry/Exit Based) and Sub-Assessment Cleanup Report.

303: Sub-Assessment Clean Up Report (ART)

Original training date: May 19, 2015
Counts as: 1 ART Training

This training is a review of the Sub-Assessment Clean Up Report.  Topics covered include how to find incongruent data, duplicate entries, and missed verifications.



Data quality and completeness reports do not take long to run or read.  Stay on top of your data by doing a monthly check-up. 

Entry/Exits and Interim Reviews

Recorded Trainings

106: Intro to Interim Reviews (Understanding the Subassessments)

Original training date: January 6, 2015
Counts as: 1 WISP User Training

This training is designed to teach the basics of the Interim Review function in WISP.  Interim Reviews are part of the Entry Exit functionality.

With the new HMIS Data Standards, the Interim Reviews are now required for program using Entry/Exits in data entry workflow and updating client files while enrolled in programs. Interim Reviews are also required in order to make the APR (annual performance report) in ART work correctly.



Don't forget about annual reviews!  If a participant is in your program for 365 days, you have to complete an annual review, even if none of their subassessment information changes.  You can complete the annual review 365 days after entry, +/- 30 days.



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