WISP News 10.15.2015

ServicePoint 6 Discussion with Bowman

Topic:  Home Screen Dashboard

Join Bowman staff on Friday, Oct 16 from 10 - 11 AM CST as they continue their discussion on the ServicePoint 6 Home Screen Dashboard.  This is a great opportunity for the front line system users to provide feedback on the system directly to Bowman staff.  Friday's discussion will focus on Home Screen reporting and will have specific questions that will be covered during the session.  To register to attend, please click register here.  There is a short approval process for registrants, and you'll receive and email once you've been approved.

Milwaukee CoC WISP Users

In-Person User Training
Milwaukee users, are you looking to complete your annual ServicePoint trainings?  
Nancy Monarrez will be holding IN PERSON trainings at the United Way, 225 W. Vine Street, Milwaukee, on the following dates.

HMIS Workgroup 
Interested in becoming more involved with the HMIS workgroup?  Join us for a monthly meeting!  The next 2 meetings will be held on Wednesday, November 18th from 11am to 1pm and Wednesday, December 16th from 10am to 12pm.  Both meetings will be held at United Way of Greater Milwaukee, 225 W. Vine Street, Milwaukee.

Project Homeless Connect
Project Homeless Connect is coming!  On Thursday, October 22nd, service and resource provider from around Milwaukee will gather to provide a one-stop shop for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.  If you are interested in volunteering, please check out the link:  https://www.unitedwaygmwc.org/Project-Homeless-Connect.    

Reminder - New Release of Information

With approval from the HMIS Advisory Board, ICA has created a new HMIS Release of Information (ROI) for agencies to use.  With the inclusion of the new Federal Partners, consent and data sharing has become an important issue.  Agencies are required to ensure clients know what data are being collected about them and be given the opportunity to make choices about what personal and program related information is shared in HMIS and with whom.  

The new ROI breaks the data collected into different levels as instructed by HUD.  Agencies are required obtain client consent at each level.  Clients have the right to refuse any level of shared data.  As required by HUD, the new ROI allows for clients to have more control over their own information. 

The new ROI is up on the website, along with a list of agencies that use Service Point. 

Tips and Tricks

Additional Excel Functionality 

In our September 3rd issue, we discussed some benefits of running ART reports in Excel. Here are two additional benefits of using Excel: 

  • You can search client detail information by name or client ID. Open the client detail tab and use the Find function (control + f). Type in the information you are looking for. 
  • If you ever need to compare different lists of clients, there is functionality that will tell you which client IDs overlap. Copy and paste your lists of IDs into a spreadsheet (a different column for each list). Select the IDs in both columns. Click on Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells 

Rules > Duplicate Values... In the box that pops up, select 'Duplicate' to highlight the overlapping IDs or select 'Unique' to highlight the IDs that don't overlap.