WISP News 11.20.2014

SOAR CDBG Pre-Application
The Division of Housing has set aside a minimum of $225,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to support the development of new SOAR programs or the expansion of current SOAR programs into new service areas.  Only units of general local government (UGLGs) (towns, cities, counties, villages and CDBG regions) that are CDBG non-entitlement areas are eligible to apply to DOH for this funding.  See the Soar Expansion Pre-Application for more information. 

DSO Input Controls Temporarily Suspended
The input control functionality of the DSO report are currently out of order for modification.  All other functionality of the report is working properly and you can continue to use the report.

Data Quality ART Reports
Every agency experiences staff turn over.  Over the last few months, we have seen large numbers attending our new user training series.  This makes it a great time to bring up reminders about data quality.

Data entry timeliness, completeness, and accuracy are becoming increasingly important as HUD lays out the plan for program outcomes and the call for Data Driven Decision Making.  Individual ServicePoint users play an integral role in the agency's overall performance in grant applications. 

By maintaining an acceptable data entry timeliness standard, including using ART to review data, within your agency, errors are largely reduced.  Data entry accuracy ensures your program outputs and outcomes represent how your agency is ending homelessness.  Several ART reports are available to agencies for verification of user data entry timeliness, completeness and accuracy.  

These ART reports are located in the public folder under "Data Quality and Completeness Reports."

0252 - Data Completeness Report Card (EE)
Data Completeness by User - Services Based
Entry Exit - null exit dates