WISP News 11.26.2014

If you use Entry/Exit, you are REQUIRED to use Interim Reviews
Interim Reviews are the data entry updates, regarding income, non-cash, health insurance, and disability, entered into client files while the client is enrolled in your program.  Annual Reviews are also required for a snapshot of the client at the year anniversary of being in your program.

For more information on Interim Reviews you can download our 201 Refresher Course, found on our website by clicking here

Have you heard of FundManager?
Does your agency need the ability to manage multiple funds and have a chain of approval for these funds - you can do it all in WISP!  FundManager allows for seamless grant management with integration into client records, providing a full picture of how funds are spent and who funds assist.

We will be hosting a training provided by one of our Nebraska ICA staff, Brandy Yant on December 11th at 10am.  To register for this training, click on this link:  FundManager Webinar

Reminder - Did You Complete Your User Training Requirements for 2014?
If not, there's still time!  Here's what's required (this information can also be found in the Policy and Procedure Manual located on our website):

  • All Users:  110: Securities training annually.  If you received your user license in 2014, your 101 training covers this requirement.
  • All Users:  2 User trainings per calendar year(other than the securities training)  You need to take two different trainings – this means if you take 201 Refresher Course twice, it only counts once.
  • All Users with an ART License:  2 ART trainings per calendar year

Contact your HMIS Coordinator if you have questions!

Holiday WISP Staff Hours
WI ICA offices are closed 11/27 &11/28  We will have staff checking the help desk periodically on Friday.

WI ICA offices are closed on 12/25.  We will have light office hours between Christmas and New Years, with staff checking the help desk periodically.