WISP News 1.21.2016

Balance of State - Coordinated ServicePoint Training

ICA is working closely with the Balance of State CoC Coordinated Assessment Committee to provide training necessary for implementing coordinated assessment. Over the next several months, we’re hosting webinars on making referrals in ServicePoint, accepting clients off the priority list and troubleshooting issues with the priority list – sign up for training here: http://www.icalliances.org/wisconsin-training-calendar?view=calendar&month=January-2016

Training recordings will be available on our website following the live webinars.

Additional In-Person Training

We will come to your local region for in person training for local coordinated assessment systems! Local training will cover all the material presented during the webinars and will be a chance for you to ask questions specific to using ServicePoint in your local coordinated assessment system. This will be a great opportunity to make sure your local system gets up and running smoothly!
We have limited slots available for in person training. Slots are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact your ICA System Administrator directly to reserve a slot. If ICA staff have already presented in your region, you do not need to have us back – but we’re happy to come back if you have additional questions!

Northeast Region – Jennifer Allen, Jennifer.allen@icallliances.org
Days available:
Feb. 4
Feb. 8
Feb. 25
Feb. 26
March 1-4

Northwest Region – Leigh Polodna, Leigh.polodna@icalliances.org
Days available:
Feb. 8
Feb. 16
Feb. 18
Feb. 19
Feb. 26
Mar. 1-3
Mar. 8-10

Southern Region – Maggie Carden, Maggie.carden@icalliances.org
Days available:
Feb. 2
Feb. 3
Feb. 10
Feb. 16
Feb. 17
Feb. 23
Feb. 24
March 2-4

Please note, ICA staff are only able to answer questions specific to using ServicePoint for coordinated assessment. If you have general questions about how coordinated assessment works, please contact the CA Committee Chair, Jeanette Petts,jeanettep@cacscw.org or the CoC Coordinator, Carrie Poser, carrie.poser@wibos.org.

Maintenance Scheduled for Saturday, January 23

Starting at 10am central time on Saturday, January 23rd Bowman Systems will begin performing electrical maintenance in the data center to replace an electrical transformer. 

As a result of this maintenance, all ServicePoint, ART, CommunityPoint, and HousingPoint sites hosted in the data center will be offline and unavailable from 10am - 2pm central on January 23rd. Thank you for your understanding as Bowman works to improve the reliability and integrity of the data center.

If you have any questions, please contact your System Administrator.

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