WISP News 12.12.2014

Upcoming WISP Trainings for YOU!
The APR training being offered next Thursday, December 18th will focus on the impact the Data Dictionary changes have impacted the APR and APR Client Detail reports in ART.  If you are a provider that has a COC-funded program, TBRA, or any program that uses entry/exit should attend the training.  There are things that need to be done for clients that have been in the system prior to the data dictionary change on 10/1/14. This training will go over how to generate an accurate report and common mistakes.
The Interim Review training being offered next Thursday, December 18th will focus on HUD’s requirement for the use of interim reviews in conjunction with entry/exits.  There are also changes to how these are done based on the data dictionary change on 10/1/14.

To register for these trainings:  www.icalliances.org/trainings 

Veteran's Sub-Assessment Coming to WI UDE Assessment
After the upgrade to the new data elements you may have noticed that there were changes to the Veteran’s questions in WISP.  The primary Veteran question was moved to be paired with the Name and SSN fields, and the questions about Veterans Services and DD214 form were removed.  This was done because there are several programs that have a program specific Veterans sub-assessment to complete that is similar to those fields.  We have made some custom edits to that sub-assessment so that it can be used by all programs.  The Veteran sub-assessment looks like this:

The sub-assessment functions like every other sub-assessment in the system.  You click the “Add” button and create the values into the file:

We are asking each program to focus on the first two questions in the sub-assessment.  The Discharge Status and the DD 214 Form on File questions are very important for helping determine the appropriate referrals for persons with military service. 

This sub-assessment will be added to the WI UDE Assessment before the end of the calendar year, and should begin being used in January.  You do NOT need to complete the assessment for persons that have not had any military service.  There will be a webinar in January providing information on documenting military service in HMIS.

Holiday WISP Staff Hours
WI ICA offices are closed on December 24, 25, 31 and January 1.  We will have light office hours between Christmas and New Years, with staff checking the help desk periodically.