WISP News 4.25.2014

Having Trouble with an ART Report

For clarification, we need you to send a few things when you are having trouble with ART report:

If you are running a report and it is not coming out correctly, please send a copy of the ART report, along with note about your issue in an email to wisp@icalliances.org.

If you are unable to run a report and are getting an error message, please send us a screenshot of the ART error you are receiving so we can diagnose the issue along with a note about what report you are trying to run in an email to wisp@icalliances.org.

Data, Reports, and Requests

Interested in accessing HMIS data or need a report? Here are the specifics to make that request:

Data for Homeless Service Providers
Have a request from a funding agency for data? Need information for a grant application? If you use HMIS, ICA can help your agency access your client-level information stored in HMIS.

Submit a request in writing to wisp@icalliances.org Include the following in your request:
1.     Your agency name
2.     Your HMIS Provider name(s)
3.     Scope of data needed, including date range
4.     Deadline request

Data for Public Agencies
Aggregate information on Wisconsin’s homeless population is available for public agencies and other nonprofit organizations not currently using HMIS.

Submit a request in writing to wisp@icalliances.org Include the following in your request:
1.     Your agency name and contact person
2.     Scope of data needed, including date range and geographic area
3.     Deadline request

*Please note report requests will be honored on a first come first serve basis. You will be given an estimated date of completion within 1-2 business days of receipt of request.

User Worksheets

For those of you who are Agency Admins, if you’ve reset a password lately you may have noticed changes to the User Profile page. We are in the process of documenting User and ART trainings attended by each user for 2014. By adding these “User Worksheets” to the user profiles you (and we) will be able to better track what trainings you have attended and whether or not you have attended your required trainings for the year.

Balance of State CoC

The Balance of State May Quarterly meeting registration deadline is approaching fast - May 9th. Please take a moment to look over the agenda for the two days. There will a lot of training opportunities - including the man that created the VI SPDAT assessment tool, Iain De Jong.

Everyone is welcome - members of the Balance of State COC as well as anyone from Madison, Milwaukee, and/or Racine!  We look forward to seeing you there.

Links for attachments of the agenda and registration are below.

Milwaukee CoC - Important Dates & Notes

Milwaukee: A reminder that all data corrections from the Agency Score Cards must be made in ServicePoint by May 1, 2014.

Users that have not completed their training requirements for the year are strongly encouraged to do so. Please contact Nancy for training needs or sign up on the WISP website. 

Can you believe it’s almost May!?!  Have a Wonderful Day!