WISP News 6.20.2014

1. Procedure to Request Reports and/or HMIS Data

Have a report request? Looking for data to evaluate a program? After all your diligent work completing data entry, we’d love to help you access and use your data. We’ve updated our report and data request procedure to make using your data easier.

The Procedure
1.) Complete the attached Report Request Form. This form is also posted on our website, http://www.icalliances.org/index.php/wisconsin.
2.)   Send completed form to wisp@icalliances.org.
3.) ICA staff will respond within two business days with a projected timeline completing the request and a proposed delivery date.

Please note:
• ICA will need to prioritize requests depending on our existing workload. It may take up to one month to complete a request, so please allow for this length of time when submitting a request.
•     ICA will only release client-level data to the agency serving the client. ICA will not release data that identifies a specific agency or program without first notifying the agency of the data request.
• If a request is made for data to complete a grant application, please submit a copy of the
application with your request.

2.    User Training Requirement Reminder:

Users must attend 2 trainings per calendar year to meet their training requirements. Here are some upcoming opportunities.

To register for these trainings or check out additional available trainings please visit our
website: http:// icalliances.org/index.php/wisconsin-training-opportunities

VI SPDAT is being used in WI!
Please join us and *guest panelist* Corin Tubridy of West Cap on MONDAY, JUNE 23rd to hear how West CAP is using the VI SPDAT to assess, refer and provide service to clients in Western WI.

ETH Grant Trainings:
The new State ETH grant has been released and a new report has been created to comply with the reporting requirements.  Data entry and required reports will be covered in this webinar. Please note, if you are City ESG funded, the same reporting requirements apply to your programs.

3.     For Milwaukee Providers:

• Milwaukee funded agencies should make sure they have at least one staff person representing the agency during the Point in Time count. This year, the JULY PIT will be held on Wednesday July 30 beginning at 7pm and ending on Thursday July 31st at 6m. Stay tuned for additional information.
• The Milwaukee Provider Advisory Group passed a motion on Thursday June 12, 2014 that will require all Milwaukee housing programs enter their monthly point in time numbers into the Housing Inventory chart by the 5th of each month. Housing programs will document how many clients (singles, unaccompanied minors and persons in families) were housed on the last Wednesday of each month. Agencies will have until the 5th  of the following month to have this data entered and ensure the bed exceed 100%.  Prior to obtaining access to the HIC, users will need to complete a training which will provide step-by-step instructions for filling out the
housing chart. The training will be held on July 10, 2014 in webinar form. Please make sure to sign up. http://icalliances.org/index.php/wisconsin-training-opportunities The training is called 506: How to Manage the HIC & Collect Data for the PIT Agencies MUST begin entering their data into the HIC for August 2014. Please contact Nancy Monarrez, the Milwaukee HMIS Director for additional questions or concerns. (Nancy.monarrez@icalliances.org)
• Agency score cards have been sent out to all Milwaukee programs in ServicePoint. All programs should refer to the Client Detail tab of the Excel spreadsheet and fix all “null” values. All data must be corrected by Monday June 30, 2014 by 5pm. If you did not receive your program’s score card, please contact Nancy Monarrez.
• The next HMIS workgroup meeting will be held on Wednesday July 16, 2014 at 10am. 1452 N. 7th Street

4.     Balance of State

• The next quarterly meeting is scheduled for August 14-15, 2014 at the Best Western Midway Hotel (2901 Hummingbird Rd) in Wausau.  The Board will be sending out a registration & agenda shortly. The feature guest will be Zach Brown, the Executive Director of West Virginia
Coalition to End Homelessness. Their website can be found at: http://wvceh.org/coalition/coc

As a reminder, Balance of State information, data, minutes, membership lists, and more can all be found at www.westcap.org/wi-boscoc

5.     HUD

HUD & the USICH are jointly offering a training next week on "Core Principles of Housing First and Rapid Re-housing."  There are limited spots on the webinar.  If interested, sign up quickly at: https://www.onecpd.info/training-events/courses/hud-and-usich-core-principles-of-housing-first-and-rapid-re-housing-webinar/

6.     COC Competition

Congratulations to all of the new and renewal projects that will be funded after yesterday's HUD announcement! If you want to see more information & read HUD Secretary Donovan's letter, please go to the HUD website:


7.    Point-in-Time

As reminder, the Point-in-Time is quickly approaching during the overnight hours between July 30th and July 31st. There are several upcoming trainings specific to the PIT process and data collection. These trainings can be found at www.icalliances.org/wisconsin

If your continua receives media coverage related to the Point-in-Time, please send the links to wisp@icalliances.org.

Finally, attached the Point-in-Time Presentation updated to include January. This data includes statewide as well as Balance of State specific information.

8.     US Interagency Council

Please take a few moments to check out some of the new information being posted by the USICH. They have several articles related to Housing First on their website:

http://usich.gov/blog/four-clarifications-about-housing-first?utm_source=Housing+First+Gains+Momentum&utm_campaign=Housing+First+Newsletter&utm_med ium=email