WISP News 7.24.2014

WISP Trainings to Pay Attention to!

Security Training - (Annual Requirement for ALL Users) dates are now posted to the website.

ETH Trainings – New requirements for all. Including new a NEW ART REPORT, to meet the reporting requirements for the 14-15 grant period.  This report is titled the DSO Report.

Reminder – 2 User trainings are required annually in addition to the Security Training. For those with ART Licenses, 2 ART trainings are required in addition to the User trainings.


ServicePoint Upgrade to 5.10

ServicePoint was upgraded last week to 5.10. Two areas of note were upgraded, the Self Sufficiency Matrix and the Referrals functionality.

For those using the Matrix, you will need adjustments in your Provider Admin to edit and delete the matrix in a client file.  Where it previously said SSOM, it now reads Measurement Tool.

Improvements have been made to the Referrals canned report, the ability to sort in each column has been added.  Referrals can now be prioritized with a Ranking and the VI SPDAT Score.

Ann Oliva’s Letter, Director of HUD Special Needs Office

Last Wednesday, July 16th, Ann Oliva, Director of the HUD Office of Special Needs Assistance, sent this very important message to HUD Grant Recipients, CoC Leaders and Stakeholders. Included in the letter:
•     FY 2013 - FY 2014 CoC Program Competition Update
•     Progress towards Opening Doors
•     HEARTH Regulations and Implementation
•     HUD Technical Assistance, Training, and Communications
• What Can CoCs and Recipients do to Maintain and Increase Progress on Ending Homelessness?
If you haven’t had a chance to read her letter yet, click here for the PDF version - https://www.hudexchange.info/resources/documents/letter-from-ann-oliva-to-grant-recipients-coc-leaders-and-stakeholders-fy-2014.pdf


Good Luck and Be Safe!
Don’t forget to send news stories to wisp@icalliances.org – we would like to be able to share these items with others. 

Balance of State Providers:

Point-in-Time leads – you will be receiving links to the Housing Inventory Chart (HIC) and the Non WISP PIT form later this week.

The power point and recording of the training from the How to Manage the HIC & Collect Data for the PIT training that was offered on July 10th can be found on the training site. 

Milwaukee Providers:

•     All funded agencies are required to have at least one representative for the Point in Time
Count. If you have not already done so, please sign up. The event begins at 7pm on Wednesday July 30 and ends at 6am on Thursday July 31, 2014.

• How to Manage the HIC & Collect PIT Data webinar on July 10th was required for all funded
agencies. The power point and recording of the training from the How to Manage the HIC & Collect Data for the PIT training that was offered on July 10th  can be found on the training site. http://icalliances.org/index.php/wisconsin-training-opportunities

• Nancy Monarrez will forward the Housing Inventory Chart link shortly in order that all agencies are able to enter their data before the August 5th deadline. Client Served numbers are required to come directly from ServicePoint. A step-by-step document will be included in the email.

For additional information:
BoS CoC: www.westcap.org/wi-boscoc
Milwaukee CoC: http://icalliances.org/index.php/milwaukee-coc
Racine CoC: www.racinecoc.org