WISP News 8.20.2015

New Point in Time Tool a Success

As we announced in the July 8th edition of WISP News, ICA created a new tool to assist CoCs with their unsheltered and non-WISP Point in Time counts.  The tool has two main parts: a point in time survey and a series of calculations that will provide you with the counts you need to submit to HUD.
Three CoCs used the tool in July – Racine, West Central, and Rock-Walworth – and the tool produced accurate counts for each of them.  Rock-Walworth used it most heavily, tallying a few dozen completed surveys.  The CoC’s PIT Lead, Jessica Schafer-Locher, says of her experience:
“The PIT tool was very easy for my non-WISP agencies and volunteers who used it for the July PIT.  It saved me a lot of time and paper… as it tabulates the results.  It also made checking for duplicates very easy because you could sort the surveys [by] any of the fields. Demetri was great to work with; he responded to emails very quickly and double checked to make sure all the numbers were accurate too.”
If you are interested in using the tool in your CoC, watch this recorded demonstrationor feel free to contact Demetri Vincze at demetri.vincze@icalliances.org to learn more.

Report Trainings - September

Please see our website to register for the following trainings:

301:  ART Basic

Sept 1st, 1pm
Looking to get an ART license and see what running reports is all about.  This training gives an overview of what ART is, where to find the reports, and how to run them.

511: Dashboard Reports

Sept 8th, 10am
For all Users – Learn how to customize your homepage using Dashboard Reports.  We will discover Client Counts, Follow Ups, and Clients with an Open Entry Exit – information available to all users.

310:  Coordinated Entry/Prioritization Reports

Sept 8th, 1pm
For current ART Users.  Learn the latest on Coordinated Entry – Prioritization Reports.  These reports are still a work in progress to be tailored to each HUD recognized CoC’s specifications, but available for a preview.

It's a Girl!

Maggie Carden and her husband Kevin welcomed baby girl Juniper Mary on August 19th at 7:43pm. She was 19.5" and 7 pounds 8 ounces. Maggie and the baby are doing well. Pictures to follow.

In Maggie’s absence, Southern Region providers should email the help desk for assistance: wisp@icalliances.org.

Tips and Tricks

Wisconsin Resource Center

As a part of the recent launch of our new website, we introduced the Wisconsin Resource Center.  This page provides an opportunity to view a selection of how-to guides, recorded trainings, and upcoming trainings by topic, and pairs them with helpful tips.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  Is there a topic you would like to see us add?

Feel free to send feedback to demetri.vincze@icalliances.org.