WISP News 4.1.2014

WISP User Fees Past Due!

Uh oh! WISP Users Fees were due 3/23/14. Did you forget to submit your WISP User License Fees?? If  you forgot, please contact wisp@icalliances.org immediately to let us know we should be expecting  your payment shortly.

Any agency whose payment has not been received by 4/23/14 will suspended from WISP until the payment has been received. Please double check your payments have been sent to avoid any disruption.

New Trainings Posted

If you haven’t checked out our website recently, please do so! We added new trainings for April. If you have any suggestions for additional trainings, please email wisp@icalliances.org.

Looking for WISP Related Documents?

The State is graciously continuing to host documents you may need access to, such as Household Income Limits and HEARTH Cheat Sheet. These items are located on www.wisp.wi.gov and our trainings and WISP User Agreement are located on our new website www.icalliances.org.

So “pardon our dust” as we are constructing the new site. Please check out both sites if you are looking for a particular document.  As documents are updated, they will be transitioned to the new site.

Save the Date – Home for Everyone Conference

See Attachment

Balance of State CoC May Meeting

Agenda and Registration Attached.  Deadline for registration May 9th.

Have a Great Day and Happy APRIL!!!!