WISP News 5.13.16

Training Reminder

Next week there is a SOAR training on Tuesday May 17, 2016 from 1-3.  This training will go over the SOAR workflow and current reports.  If you are interested in attending this, or any other training, please go to the ICA website at www.icalliances.org and register on our training calendar.  The training will be recorded and posted on the website as well for those of you that are unable to attend.

HMIS Policies and Procedures Updated

The Policies and Procedures Manual has been updated for 2016.  The changes to the manual were reviewed and approved by the HMIS Advisory Board at its annual meeting.  The changes to the manual are on the ICA website along with a document highlighting policy changes.  You can review these items here:  http://www.icalliances.org/wisconsin-governance.

2016 Agency Partnership Agreements

As a result of the update to the policies and procedures, it is again that time of the year to sign the agency partnership agreement.  Each agency using HMIS must have one on file.  Agency executive directors or their authorized staff will be sent this year’s agreement in Docusign. 

Veterans Outreach & Recovery Program

The Veterans Outreach & Recovery Program is available for homeless and at risk of homeless veterans who reside in 49 counties throughout Wisconsin.  This brochure includes an updated VORP map of the coverage area and contacts in each region.  Please note that the program manager, Nicole Lillis, recently left the agency to pursue her dream of becoming a veteran entrepreneur.   
Should you know of a homeless/at risk of homeless veteran who needs mental health or substance abuse assistance please refer them to one of the regional staff. Eligibility for this program is based on that a veteran have served in the military, type of discharge is not a factor. 

Do you have a new facility or a facility you'd like to showcase?

We would like your property photo!  We are still looking for some photos for the annual report, and any pictures of a housing site would be appreciated. E-mail photos to kinnic.eagan@icalliances.org

Tips and Tricks

HMIS Prioritization List for Rapid Re-Housing Update (Racine and BOS)

In order to better align with project requirements, the prioritization list for rapid re-housing has been updated to sort clients who are literally homeless ABOVE all other clients.  Clients are then ranked by VI-SPDAT score.