WISP News 7.29.16

Reminder - It's NOFA Time - Impacts all program types

Just a reminder that the HUD CoC application has been released.  This impacts all agencies entering data into ServicePoint.  Agencies are required to have no greater than 10% missing data fields for all of the Universal Data Elements. Of course, we know that most of you strive for 0% missing data, which is awesome! We are asking you to take a peek at your data using the Data Completeness reports (if you are CoC funded you can use the APR as well), to check your data.  Contact your HMIS Coordinator if you have questions and we will be contacting you if there are issues. 

ETH Programs Data Entry Workflow Webinars

The annual ETH program specific data entry workflow webinars are coming in August.  They will be recorded if you are unable to attend.  To register, please visit our Training Calendar and click on the links to register.

PATH Conference Registration - August 12 Deadline

The 2016 Wisconsin PATH Program Annual Conference is open for registration. The theme of the conference is "Diversity, Equality & Inclusion" and will be held August 25-26th at the Wildwood Lodge in Pewaukee.