ICA staff, with the approval of the HMIS Advisory Board, have created a new HMIS Release of Information (ROI) for agencies to use.  With the inclusion of the new Federal Partners, consent and data sharing has become an important issue.  Agencies are required to ensure clients know what data are being collected about them and be given the opportunity to make choices about what personal and program related information is shared in HMIS and with whom.

The new ROI breaks the data collected into different levels as instructed by HUD.  Agencies are required obtain client consent at each level.  Clients have the right to refuse any level of shared data.  As required by HUD, the new ROI allows for clients to have more control over their own information.

Note: HUD stated during the HMIS Summer Training series that they are aware they have not offered guidance regarding verbal consent.  Agencies may continue to obtain verbal consent until otherwise notified by HUD.  Agencies are still required to have the HMIS ROI in the client file indicating verbal consent was obtained and reviewed with the client.  Written consent must be obtained during the first in-person meeting with client.