Zach Burgess serves as System Administrator and provides technical assistance to ICA’s Alaska HMIS project.  Zach provides HMIS system end user training and guidance on Alaska’s HMIS network redesign and implementation. Zach chose to work at ICA because he was impressed with the organization’s mission of helping communities use data to end homelessness. His passion is connecting technology solutions to the problems of local community leaders.

One of Zach’s favorite things to do is hike in the Chugach Mountain range with his wife. He is also a musician and singer. Zach hits open mic nights whenever possible. He is inspired by several people in his life: his mother inspires him to achieve his dreams, C.S. Lewis inspires him to listen to the thoughts and opinions of others, and the leader Seth Godin inspires him to produce great results. 

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Phone: 907-249-6647